Black Hat SEOLast week I discovered What an amazingly simple concept. I’ve paid for a few of these things with mixed results, but all were worth more than the $5 I paid. So I call it a success. I ran across one seller offering to give you “5 UNIQUE articles of very HIGH QUALITY on any niche/keyword/subject of your choosing in 24hrs for $5”.

I immediately decided I needed to test out the content for what it is obviously intended for – black hat SEO to drive traffic to ads or some other spam. So what I’m doing is to post each of these as blog posts here. Each day this week, starting today, I’ll post one of these “articles” as a blog post and see how well they generate traffic. This is obviously a black hat technique and I’m hoping that google’s search algorithms ignore the posts completely. We shall see.

Aside from adding a disclaimer to each fake blog post, I will treat the posts as I would any other blog post. This means it will automatically post to my links social media tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. I will also create outbound links in the fake articles to useful real content as I would a regular blog post. A while back, I wrote an article on iPhone QR Code Scanners that since it went live, accounts for 75.3% of the traffic to this site. When I dropped the nickel on this high-budget project, I requested the articles be centered around the following keywords: Mobile technology, QR Codes, iPhone. This should closely match the keywords of the comparison post.

I’ll update this post when I have information on the results of this test.

Update 1: The first post is live here

Update 2: As of this morning, all posts are live. Stats for the past week show the new posts account for under 15% of the week’s traffic. This post accounts for 21% and the QR Scanner roundup post is down to 42%.