A couple days ago, I got an automated email from fiverr.com. I usually disregard these messages, but this time something caught my eye. The bit that interested me said “Distribute Flyers in major cities”.

If you don’t know already, I run a small info-product website (Growbrain.com). Also, if you haven’t looked at fiverr.com, you really should. It is basically a clearing house for anyone who will do just about anything for 5 bucks. There is some really cool stuff… and some really bizarre things too. Anyway…

The idea of posting flyers is not exactly new, but having a complete stranger post 50 of them in a distant market for $5? That is pretty awesome. Or is it? I’m going to find out.

Here is my plan. I’m going to spend $50 on fiverr and get some flyers posted. I’m going to target New York City. Then, as soon as those are physically posted, I’m going to run some Google ads, I’m thinking $10/day for five days targeted to the same geographic area would provide a good comparison. The goal isn’t volume of traffic. Conversions are the only thing I’m going to measure with any focus.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’ll post more on this soon.