For the past few years I’ve tried several tools that are designed to help me manage my social media posting. I had been spending a LOT of time each week making sure my Facebook business pages were active and had engaging content. Each tool worked well enough, but each one would fall short in some way.

A few months ago I was sharing my frustrations with a friend of mine. Like myself, he also has a few businesses. One common one is we both sell T-shirts.

He had the same frustrations with the same tools. Duncan, being a smarter than myself, built the tool that we both were looking for.

I’ve began testing it and quickly fell in love with it. It is called Social Post Pilot and it is a workhorse! It saves me several hours every week of the most mind numbing work.

The price is right too! Currently $37/month with a one week free trial. there is also an yearly and a lifetime purchase option too.

Here is a relatively short (10-minute) video I made that shows the product, why you want it and how easy it is to use.

Also, here is a video that Duncan made that goes into more detail.